Video Production: Training videos and Recruitment videos


A picture says a thousand words. This statement has never been truer as companies recruit and train staff for the rebuild of Christchurch.

Employees are coming into the city from all over the world and before they leave for Christchurch they, their families and their friends have a host of questions about what to expect when they arrive like is the city all rubble, what are the schools like, and what’s the lifestyle like in Christchurch? All of these questions can be answered with visuals and testimonials. Once the new staff arrive on the job they need to be inducted into the workplace and understand the practices, OSH requirements and the culture etc…This content can be easily taught through video, with the advantage being that you film once and the video is used for years. This is a big cost saver for any employer. Recently Tandem created the ‘Safe Six’ videos for EQC and Fletchers. These videos are played and made available for all of their staff who are involved in the re-build so they fully understand safety issues on the work site. For Switched On Group we made training videos that all staff take on site so they can review any aspect of the work and ensure consistency of standards across all work sites.
 Lonestar wanted consistency in each of their kitchens across New Zealand for all 50 dishes on their menu and they wanted front of house staff to follow best practice in greeting and servicing customers. They ensure every new staff member views the video as a part of their induction and training.
 Ngai Tahu wanted video as a part of their new staff induction to showcase the variety of businesses within their group and to re-enforce the message that each member of staff is a key part of the greater group and to create consistency in service throughout the businesses.

Recruitment video is one of the rising trends in video production. Companies who require a constant inflow of new staff are creating video that tells the story of their business, their staff and the job.
 Recently we’ve worked with the Christchurch City Council to tell the story of its role and to explain about the staff they require for their Consent Department. Naylor Love used video to create testimonials on living and working in the Christchurch to attract quality staff from the UK. The Wise Group created a recruitment video to use as a part of any job advertising and to send out for all job enquiries. The biggest advantages of video production for training and recruitment are that the initial cost can be written off over years of use and, importantly, no matter what language people speak, everyone understands video.